CLIC Collaboration Meeting

An accelerated R&D programme of CLIC was approved by the CERN Council in March 2004. This R&D programme is particularly important as CLIC provides the most promising accelerator technology to advance the high-energy frontier beyond the LHC, in agreement with the fundamental mission of CERN.

The aim of this accelerated programme is to demonstrate the key feasibility issues of the CLIC technology before 2010. Extra resources are required to complete the programme which are presently not available at CERN, and laboratories are invited to to participate in the programme by taking full technical responsibility for part, complete or several work packages and/or providing voluntary contributions “a la carte”, in cash, in kind and/or in man-power.The intention is to set-up a multi-lateral collaboration between all laboratories interested in such a development.

A CLIC collaboration meeting was held at CERN on the 19th May with all interested partners when the contribution of each laboratory as well a collaboration agreement was discussed.

Last meeting: 28 January 2005 at CERN.


Download presentations (28 January)

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